Gearhart - Seitz Family History

Pawlet, Rutland, VT



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 PEPPER, Clarinda  1832cPawlet, Rutland, VT I721 GearhartSeitz 
2 PEPPER, Simeon III  1826cPawlet, Rutland, VT I720 GearhartSeitz 
3 PEPPER, Willard  1834cPawlet, Rutland, VT I722 GearhartSeitz 
4 HANKS, Joseph  14 Jun 1772Pawlet, Rutland, VT I634 GearhartSeitz 
5 HANKS, Oliver  31 Dec 1774Pawlet, Rutland, VT I635 GearhartSeitz 
6 HANKS, Jarvis  10 Dec 1776Pawlet, Rutland, VT I636 GearhartSeitz 
7 PORTER, Diadema  1777Pawlet, Rutland, VT I44 GearhartSeitz 
8 HANKS, Oliver  07 Dec 1778Pawlet, Rutland, VT I43 GearhartSeitz 
9 HANKS, Silvenia  26 Apr 1792Pawlet, Rutland, VT I742 GearhartSeitz 
10 HANKS, Lucy  17 May 1793Pawlet, Rutland, VT I743 GearhartSeitz 
11 HANKS, Harvey  27 Aug 1794Pawlet, Rutland, VT I744 GearhartSeitz 
12 HANKS, Phidella  12 Jun 1797Pawlet, Rutland, VT I745 GearhartSeitz 
13 HANKS, Harvey  19 Apr 1799Pawlet, Rutland, VT I746 GearhartSeitz 
14 HANKS, Romeo P.  11 Aug 1800Pawlet, Rutland, VT I360 GearhartSeitz 
15 HANKS, Silvinia  11 Feb 1801Pawlet, Rutland, VT I747 GearhartSeitz 
16 HANKS, Arunah Jr.  27 Apr 1802Pawlet, Rutland, VT I748 GearhartSeitz 
17 HANKS, Marcia  11 Jan 1803Pawlet, Rutland, VT I361 GearhartSeitz 
18 HANKS, Amanda  18 Oct 1804Pawlet, Rutland, VT I362 GearhartSeitz 
19 HANKS, William  17 Oct 1806Pawlet, Rutland, VT I363 GearhartSeitz 
20 HANKS, Laura  11 Aug 1807Pawlet, Rutland, VT I749 GearhartSeitz 
21 HANKS, Camillus  15 Aug 1808Pawlet, Rutland, VT I358 GearhartSeitz 
22 HANKS, Jonathan Safford  17 Aug 1810Pawlet, Rutland, VT I364 GearhartSeitz 
23 HANKS, Ermina  24 Sep 1812Pawlet, Rutland, VT I365 GearhartSeitz 
24 HANKS, Sally Bliss  18 Apr 1813Pawlet, Rutland, VT I750 GearhartSeitz 
25 HANKS, Philina  23 Apr 1815Pawlet, Rutland, VT I751 GearhartSeitz 
26 HANKS, Galusha  06 Jan 1816Pawlet, Rutland, VT I41 GearhartSeitz 
27 HANKS, Isaac  15 Feb 1818Pawlet, Rutland, VT I366 GearhartSeitz 
28 HANKS, Ellen Erminia  26 Jun 1848Pawlet, Rutland, VT I33 GearhartSeitz 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 HANKS, Oliver  12 Aug 1778Pawlet, Rutland, VT I635 GearhartSeitz 
2 HANKS, Silvenia  18 May 1792Pawlet, Rutland, VT I742 GearhartSeitz 
3 HANKS, Harvey  18 Sep 1795Pawlet, Rutland, VT I744 GearhartSeitz 
4 HANKS, William  30 Jul 1807Pawlet, Rutland, VT I625 GearhartSeitz 
5 SARGENT, Hannah  31 Oct 1809Pawlet, Rutland, VT I626 GearhartSeitz 
6 HANKS, Arunah  14 Sep 1830Pawlet, Rutland, VT I633 GearhartSeitz 
7 HANKS, Phidella  04 Mar 1839Pawlet, Rutland, VT I745 GearhartSeitz 
8 PORTER, Diadema  1840Pawlet, Rutland, VT I44 GearhartSeitz 
9 HANKS, Philina  22 Mar 1850Pawlet, Rutland, VT I751 GearhartSeitz 
10 HANKS, Oliver  1859Pawlet, Rutland, VT I43 GearhartSeitz 
11 PERKINS, Lucy  16 May 1860Pawlet, Rutland, VT I741 GearhartSeitz 
12 HANKS, Sally Bliss  30 Apr 1861Pawlet, Rutland, VT I750 GearhartSeitz 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 HANKS / PERKINS  10 Apr 1791Pawlet, Rutland, VT F212 GearhartSeitz 
2 HANKS / PORTER  25 Feb 1799Pawlet, Rutland, VT F24 GearhartSeitz 
3 HANKS / ROBINSON  18 Dec 1823Pawlet, Rutland, VT F213 GearhartSeitz 
4 HANKS / PEPPER  24 Jun 1835Pawlet, Rutland, VT F23 GearhartSeitz